Context Menus

Lets you customize LibreOffice context menus for all modules.

You can add new commands, modify existing commands, or rearrange the context menu items. You can also add commands executed by macros and apply all kind of styles directly from the context menu.

To access this command...

Choose Tools - Customize - Context Menus tab.


Enter a string in the text box to narrow the search of commands.


Select the menu command category in the drop-down list to restrict the search of commands or scroll the list below. Macros and styles commands are in the bottom of the list.

Available Commands

Displays the results of the combination of the search string and category of the desired command.


The text box contains a short description of the selected command.


Select the location where the context menu is to be attached. If attached to a LibreOffice module, the context menu is available for all files opened in that module. If attached to the file, the context menu will be available only when that file is opened and active.


Select the Context Menu where the customization is to be applied.

Assigned Commands

Displays the commands that will be shown in the target menu.

Right Arrow button

Click on the right arrow button to select a command on the left display box and copy to the right display box. This will add the command to the selected menu.

Left Arrow button

Click on the left arrow button to remove the selected command from the current context menu.

Up and Down arrow buttons

Click on the Up or Down arrows on the right to move the selected command upward or downward in the list of displayed context menus commands.

Tip Icon

You can drag and drop the selected command to move it to the position you want.





Deletes all changes previously made to this context menu.

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