Right Function

Returns the rightmost "n" characters of a string expression.

See also: Left Function.


Right (string As String, length As Long)

Return value:



string: Any string expression that you want to return the rightmost characters of.

length: Numeric expression that defines the number of characters that you want to return. If length = 0, a zero-length string is returned. The maximum allowed value is 2,147,483,648.

The following example converts a date in YYYY-MM-DD format to the US date format (MM/DD/YYYY).

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleUSDate
Dim sInput As String
Dim sUS_date As String
    sInput = InputBox("Please input a date in the international format 'YYYY-MM-DD'")
    sUS_date = Mid(sInput, 6, 2)
    sUS_date = sUS_date & "/"
    sUS_date = sUS_date & Right(sInput, 2)
    sUS_date = sUS_date & "/"
    sUS_date = sUS_date & Left(sInput, 4)
    MsgBox sUS_date
End Sub

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