Saving Text Documents in HTML Format

You can save a LibreOffice Writer document in HTML format, so that you can view it in a web browser. If you want, you can associate a page break with a specific heading paragraph style to generate a separate HTML page each time that the style appears in the document. LibreOffice Writer automatically creates a page containing hyperlinks to each of these pages.

When you save a text document in HTML format, any graphics in the document are saved into the HTML document as embedded data streams. LibreOffice tries to keep the original format of graphics, i.e. JPEG pictures or SVG images will be saved into HTML as such. All other graphic formats are saved as PNG.

  1. Apply one of the default LibreOffice heading paragraph styles, for example, "Heading 1", to the paragraphs where you want to generate a new HTML page.

  2. Choose File - Send - Create HTML Document.

  3. In the Styles box, select the paragraph style that you want to use to generate a new HTML page.

  4. Enter a path and a name for the HTML document, and then click Save.

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