Edit module

To access this command...

Choose - Languages and Locales - Writing Aids,
in the Available language modules list, select one of the language modules and then click Edit.


Specifies the language and the available spelling, hyphenation and Thesaurus sub-modules for the selected module. You can arrange the sub-modules by priority.

  1. Select the language from the Language list.

  2. Mark all modules that are to be activated for this language under the headings Spelling, Hyphenation and Thesaurus.

  3. As long as you have more than one sub-module available for one area, the sub-modules for spelling and the Thesaurus are processed in the sequence in which they are listed. You can change the sequence using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

  4. Only one sub-module can be activated under Hyphenation.


Specifies the language of the module.

For all language selection fields in LibreOffice, the following applies:

A language entry has a tick mark in front of it if spell checking is activated for this language.

Move up

Increases the priority of the module selected in the list box by one level.

Move down

Decreases the priority of the module selected in the list box by one level.


Click here to undo the current changes in the list box.

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