Registering an Address Book

In LibreOffice you can register different data sources. The contents of the data fields are then available to you for use in various fields and controls. Your system address book is such a data source.

LibreOffice templates and wizards use fields for the contents of the address book. When activated, the general fields in the templates are automatically replaced with the fields from the data source of your address book.

In order for the replacement to take place, you must tell LibreOffice which address book you use. The wizard asking for this information appears automatically the first time that you activate, for example, a business letter template. You can also call the wizard by following the steps listed below.

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The address book data is read-only in LibreOffice Base. It is not possible to add, edit, or delete address data from within Base.

Address Data Source Wizards

To call the Address Data Source wizard, choose File - Wizards - Address Data Source.

Registering An Existing Address Book Manually

  1. Choose Tools - Address Book Source. The Templates: Address Book Assignment dialogue box appears.

  2. In the Data source combo box, select the system address book or the data source you want to use as an address book.

  3. If you have not yet registered the system address book in LibreOffice as the data source, click the Address Data Source ... button. This takes you to the Address Book Data Source Wizard, in which you can register your address book as a new data source in LibreOffice.

  4. In the Table combo box, select the database table you want to use as the address book.

  5. Under Field assignment, match the fields for forename, company, department, and so on to the actual field names used in your address book.

  6. When finished, close the dialogue box with OK.

Now your data source is registered in LibreOffice as the address book. If you now open a template from the Business Correspondence category, LibreOffice can automatically insert the correct fields for a form letter.

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