Hangul/Hanja Options

Define options for the Hangul/Hanja conversion.

User-defined dictionaries

Lists all user-defined dictionaries. Mark the check box next to the dictionary that you want to use. Unmark the check box next to the dictionary that you do not want to use.


Opens the New dictionary dialogue box, in which you can create a new dictionary.


Enter a name for the dictionary. To display the new dictionary in the User-defined dictionaries list box, click OK.


Opens the Edit Custom Dictionary dialogue box in which you can edit any user-defined dictionary.


Deletes the selected user-defined dictionary.


Specifies additional options for all dictionaries.

Ignore post-positional word

Ignores positional characters at the end of Korean words when you search a dictionary.

Show entries recently used first

Shows the replacement suggestion that you selected the last time as the first entry on the list.

Replace all unique entries automatically

Automatically replaces words that only have one suggested word replacement.

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