Formatting Bar

The Formatting Bar is shown when a chart is set to edit mode. Double-click a chart to enter edit mode. Click outside the chart to leave edit mode.

You can edit the formatting of a chart using the controls and icons on the Formatting Bar.

Select Chart Element

Select the element from the chart that you want to format. The element gets selected in the chart preview. Click Format Selection to open the properties dialogue box for the selected element.

Format Selection

Opens the properties dialogue box for the selected element.

Chart Type

Opens the Chart Type dialogue box.

Chart Data Table

Opens the Data Table dialogue box in which you can edit the chart data.

Horizontal Grids

The Horizontal Grids icon on the Formatting bar toggles the visibility of the grid display for the y-axis.

Legend On/Off

To show or hide a legend, click Legend On/Off on the Formatting bar.

Scale Text

Rescales the text in the chart when you change the size of the chart.

Automatic Layout

Moves all chart elements to their default positions inside the current chart. This function does not alter the chart type or any other attributes other than the position of elements.

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