Chart Wizard - Data Series

On this page of the Chart Wizard you can change the source range of all data series separately, including their labels. You can also change the range of the categories. You can first select the data range on the Data Range page and then remove unnecessary data series or add data series from other cells here.

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If there seem to be too many options on this page, just define the data range on the Chart Wizard - Data Range page and skip this page.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Chart...


Insert Chart

Double-click a chart, then choose Format - Data Ranges

This dialogue box is only available for charts based on a Calc or Writer table.

Press Shift+F1 and point to a control to learn more about that control.

Organising data series

In the Data Series list box you will see a list of all data series in the current chart.

Editing data series

  1. Click an entry in the list to view and edit the properties for that entry.

    In the Data Ranges list box you will see the role names and cell ranges of the data series components.

  2. Click an entry, then edit the contents in the text box below.

    The label next to the text box states the currently selected role.

  3. Enter the range or click Select data range to minimise the dialogue box and select the range with the mouse.

    If you want a data range of multiple cell areas that are not next to each other, enter the first range, then manually add a semicolon at the end of the text box, then enter the other ranges. Use a semicolon as delimiter between ranges.

The range for a data role, like y-values, must not include a label cell.

Editing categories or data labels

Depending on the chart type, the text strings are shown on the x-axis or as data labels.

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