CurDir Function

Returns a variant string that represents the current path of the specified drive.

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This statement currently does not work as documented. See this issue for more information.


CurDir [(Text As String)]

Return value:



Text: Any string expression that specifies an existing drive (for example, "C" for the first partition of the first hard drive).

If no drive is specified or if the drive is a zero-length string (""), CurDir returns the path for the current drive. LibreOffice Basic reports an error if the syntax of the drive description is incorrect, the drive does not exist, or if the drive letter occurs after the letter defined in the CONFIG.SYS with the Lastdrive statement.

This function is not case-sensitive.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call

68 Device not available

7 Not enough memory

51 Internal error


Sub ExampleCurDir
Dim sDir1 As String , sDir2 As String
    sDir1 = "c:\Test"
    sDir2 = "d:\Private"
    ChDir( sDir1 )
    MsgBox CurDir
    ChDir( sDir2 )
    MsgBox CurDir
End Sub

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