Green Function

Returns the Green component of the given composite colour code.


Green (Colour As Long)

Return value:



Colour: Long integer expression that specifies a composite colour code for which to return the Green component.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


The colour picker dialogue box details the red, green and blue components of a composite colour code, as well as its hexadecimal expression. Changing the colour of text and selecting Custom colour displays the colour picker dialogue box.


Sub ExampleColor
Dim lVar As Long
    lVar = rgb(128,0,200)
    MsgBox "The colour " & lVar & " contains the components:" & Chr(13) &_
        "red = " & red(lVar) & Chr(13)&_
        "green = " & green(lVar) & Chr(13)&_
        "blue = " & blue(lVar) & Chr(13), 64,"colours"
End Sub

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