A "query" is a special view of a table. A query can display chosen records or chosen fields within records; it can also sort those records. A query can apply to one table or to multiple tables, if they are linked by common data fields.


In a database file window, click the Queries icon.

Use queries to find records from data tables based on certain criteria. All queries created for a database are listed under the Queries entry. Since this entry contains the database queries, it is also called the "query container".

Printing Queries

To print a query or table:

  1. Open a text document (or a spreadsheet document if you prefer the specific printing functions of this type of document).

  2. Open the database file and click the Table icon if you want to print a table, or click the Query icon if you want to print a query.

  3. Drag the name of the table or query into the open text document or spreadsheet. The dialog Insert Database Columns opens.

  4. Decide which columns = data fields you want to include. You can also click the AutoFormat button and select a corresponding formatting type. Close the dialog.

    The query or table will be inserted into your document.

  5. Print the document by choosing File - Print.


You can also open the data source view (Ctrl+Shift+F4), select the entire database table in the data source view (click on the top left corner of the table), and then drag the selection to a text document or spreadsheet.

Sorting and Filtering Data

Allows you to sort and filter the data in a query table.

Query Design

With the Query Design, you can create and edit a query or view.


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Query Through Several Tables

The query result can contain data from several tables if these are linked to each other by suitable data fields.

Formulating Query Criteria

You can find out which operators and commands can be used to formulate the filter conditions for a query.

Executing Functions

You can perform calculations with the data of a table and store the results as a query result.

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