Write# Statement

Writes data to a sequential text file with delimiting characters.


Use Print# statement to print data to a sequential text file. Use Put# statement to write data to a binary or a random file.


Write Statement diagram

Write [#fileNum] {,|;} expression [, …]


fileNum: Any numeric expression that contains the file number that was set by the Open statement for the respective file.

expression list: Variables or expressions that you want to enter in a file, separated by commas.

གསལ་བརྗོད་ཐོ་ཡིག་འདི་སྐྱུར་ཡོད་པ་ཅིན་ ཡིག་སྣོན་ལུ་གྱལ་སྟོངམ་གསལ་བཤད་མཇུག་བསྣོན་#་ཅིག་འབྲི།

གསལ་བརྗོད་ཐོ་ཡིག་གསརཔ་ལུ་ཡང་ན་ཡོད་པའི་ཡིག་སྣོད་ཁ་སྐོང་ལུ་ ཡིག་སྣོད་འདི་ ཨའུཊི་པུཊི་ ཡང་ན་མཇུག་བསྣོན་འབད་ནི་ ཐབས་ལམ་ནང་ཁ་ཕྱེ་དགོཔ་ཨིན།

Strings that you write are enclosed by quotation marks and separated by commas. You do not need to enter these delimiters in the expression list.

Each Write statement outputs a line end symbol as last entry.

Numbers with decimal delimiters are converted according to the locale settings.


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