Mail Merge Wizard - Addresses

Specify the recipients for the mail merge document as well as the layout of the address block.

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The Mail Merge wizard opens to this page if you start the wizard in a text document that already contains address database fields. If the wizard opens directly to this page, the Select Address List button is called Select Different Address List.

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The title of this page is Insert address block for letters and Select address list for email messages.

Select Address List

Opens the Select Address List dialog, where you can choose a data source for the addresses, add new addresses, or type in a new address list.

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When you edit some records in a Calc spreadsheet data source that is currently in use for a mail merge, those changes are not visible in the mail merge.

This document shall contain an address block

Adds an address block to the mail merge document.

Select the address block layout that you want to use.

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If you select This document shall contain an address block, the third and fourth substeps become enabled on this page. Then you have to match the address block elements and the field names used in the mail.

Suppress lines with just empty fields

Enable to leave empty lines out of the address.


Opens the Select Address Block dialog.

Match fields

Opens the Match Fields dialog.

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Unless all address elements are matched with a column header, you cannot finish the Mail Merge wizard with the Finish button or continue to the fourth step of the wizard.

(Browse buttons)

Use the browse buttons to preview the information from the previous or next data record.

Next step: Mail Merge Wizard - Create salutation

Alternatively you can press the Finish button and use the Mail Merge Toolbar to finish the mail merge process.

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