Word Count

Counts the words and characters, with or without spaces, in the current selection and in the whole document. The count is kept up to date as you type or change the selection.

Pśistup k toś tomu pśikazoju …

Z menijoweje rědki:

Wubjeŕśo Rědy – Licenje słowow….

Z pówjercha z rejtarikami:

Wubjeŕśo Pśeglědanje – Licenje słowow.

Wubjeŕśo Licenje słowow… w meniju Pśeglědanje rejtarika Pśeglědanje.

Ze symbolowych rědkow:

Symbol za Licenje słowow

Licenje słowow

Ze statusoweje rědki:

Klikniśo na wobceŕk Licenje słowow a znamuškow.

How does LibreOffice count words?

In general, every string of characters between two spaces is a word. Dashes, tabs, line breaks, and paragraph breaks are word limits, too.

Words with always visible hyphens, as in plug-in, add-on, user/config, are counted as one word each.

The words can be a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. So the following text counts as four words: abc123 1.23 "$" http://www.example.com.

To add a custom character to be considered as the word limit, choose - LibreOffice Writer - General and add the character into the Additional separators field.

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