The following options are available when you select Table of Objects as the index type.

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Type and Title

Specify the type and title of the index.


Enter a title for the selected index.


Select the type of index that you want to insert or edit. The options available on this tab depend on the index type that you select. If the cursor is in an index when you choose the Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography, you can then edit that index.

Protected against manual changes

Prevents the contents of the index from being changed. Manual changes that you make to an index are lost when the index is refreshed. If you want the cursor to scroll through a protected area, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Formatting Aids, and then select the Enable cursor check box in the Protected Areas section.

Create Index or Table of Contents


Select whether to create the index for the document or for the current chapter.

Create from the following objects

Select the object types that you want to include in a table of objects.

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