If you click this icon in the Navigator or in the lower right of the document window, a toolbar will appear which enables you to choose among the existing targets within a document. You can then use the up and down arrow icons to position the text cursor in the document on the previous or next target.

Click the up button to scroll to the previous page or object.

Click the down button to scroll to the next page or object.

By default, as long as you have not selected any other entry, the arrow buttons jump to the previous or the next page in the document. The arrow buttons are black if you are browsing through pages and blue if you jump to other objects.

The entries largely correspond to those in the Navigator selection box. You can also select other jump destinations. An example are the reminders, which you can set with the Set Reminder icon in the Navigator. You can select an object from among the following options on the Navigation toolbar: table, frame, graphics, OLE object, page, headings, reminder, drawing object, control field, section, bookmark, selection, footnote, note, index entry, table formula, wrong table formula.

Reminders are navigated in the order in which they are set.

For table formulas, you can either jump to all table formulas located within your document or only to the incorrect ones. For incorrect formulas, you jump only to formulas that have resulted in errors. The program skips over formulas with resulting errors (those that reference incorrect formulas).

Working With the Navigation Toolbar

Open the Navigation toolbar by clicking on its top left icon located on the top of the Navigator display area. You can break the toolbar away from its place by dragging and arranging it on the screen.

Click the icon for the type of objects you want to browse through. Then click one of the "Previous Object" or "Next Object" arrow buttons. The names of these buttons indicate the type of object you have selected. The text cursor is placed on whichever object you have selected.

Symbol Tip

You can configure LibreOffice according to your specific preferences for navigating within a document. To do this, choose Tools - Customize. The various tables for adapting menus, keyboard input or toolbars contain various functions for navigation within the document under the "Navigate" area. In this way you can jump to the index tags in the document with the "To Next/Previous Index Tag" functions.

Repeat Search

With the Repeat search icon on the Navigation toolbar you can repeat a search you started with the Search and Replace dialog. To do this, click the icon. The blue arrow buttons on the vertical scrollbar now take on the functions Continue search forwards and Continue search backwards. If you now click one of the arrow surfaces, the search will be continued for the term entered in the Search and Replace dialog.

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