Create AutoAbstract

Copies the headings and a number of subsequent paragraphs in the active document to a new AutoAbstract text document. An AutoAbstract is useful for obtaining an overview of long documents. You can specify the number of outline levels as well as the number of paragraphs displayed therein. All levels and paragraphs under the respective settings are hidden.

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Included Outline Levels

Enter the extent of the outline levels to be copied to the new document. For example, if you choose 4 levels, all paragraphs formatted with Heading 1 to Heading 4 are included, along with the number of subsequent paragraphs specified in Subpoints per Level.

Subpoints per Level

Specify the maximum number of consecutive paragraphs to be included in the AutoAbstract document after each heading. All of the paragraphs up to the maximum defined are included until the next paragraph with a Heading Style is reached.

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