Set indent, spacing, and alignment options for numbering symbols, such as numbers or bullets, to ordered and unordered lists.

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Select the level(s) that you want to modify. To apply the options to all the levels, select “1-10”.

Position and Spacing


This page shows the position controls used in all versions of LibreOffice Writer. Some documents (produced by other applications) use another method for positioning and spacing. Opening such documents will show the position controls documented in Position for List styles (legacy).

Aligned at

Enter the distance from the left page margin at which the numbering symbol will be aligned.


Set the alignment of the numbering symbols. Select "Left" to align the numbering symbol to start directly at the "Aligned at" position. Select "Right" to align the symbol to end directly before the "Aligned at" position. Select "Centered" to center the symbol around the "Aligned at" position.


The Numbering alignment option does not set the alignment of the paragraph.

Followed by

Select the element that will follow the numbering: a tab stop, a space, a line break, or nothing.

Tab stop at

If you select a tab stop to follow the numbering, you can enter a non-negative value as the tab stop position.

Indent at

Enter the distance from the left page margin to the start of all lines in the numbered paragraph that follow the first line.


Resets the indent and the spacing values to the default values.


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