Opens a submenu to show and hide toolbars. A toolbar contains icons and options that let you quickly access LibreOffice commands.

Pśistup k toś tomu pśikazoju …

Z menijoweje rědki:

Wubjeŕśo Naglěd – Symbolowe rědki.

Z pówjercha z rejtarikami:

Klikniśo na menijowy tłocašk górjejce napšawo a wubjeŕśo Symbolowe rědki. (pówjerch z rejtarikami)


Opens a dialog where you can add, edit, and remove icons.


Choose View - Toolbars - Reset to reset the toolbars to their default context sensitive behavior. Now some toolbars will be shown automatically, dependent on the context.

Lock Toolbars

Indicates whether visible toolbars can be moved using the mouse.

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