Show Sheet

Displays sheets that were previously hidden with the Hide Sheets command.

Select one sheet only to call the command. The current sheet is always selected. If a sheet other than the current sheet is selected, you can deselect it by pressing while clicking the corresponding sheet tab at the bottom of the window.

Pśistup k toś tomu pśikazoju …

Z menijoweje rědki:

Wubjeŕśo Tabela – Tabelu pokazaś….

Z pówjercha z rejtarikami:

Wubjeŕśo Wugótowanje – Tabelu pokazaś.

Z tabeloweje nawigaciskeje rědki:

Wubjeŕśo Tabelu pokazaś.

Ze symbolowych rědkow:

Symbol za Tabelu pokazaś

Tabelu pokazaś

Hidden sheets

Displays a list of all hidden sheets in your spreadsheet document. To show a certain sheet, click the corresponding entry on the list and confirm with OK.

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