Print Preview

Displays a preview of the printed page or closes the preview.

Pśistup k toś tomu pśikazoju …

Z menijoweje rědki:

Wubjeŕśo Dataja – Śišćaŕski pśeglěd.

Z pówjercha z rejtarikami:

Wubjeŕśo Dataja – Śišćaŕski pśeglěd.

Z tastatury:

+ Umsch (⇧) + O

Ze symbolowych rědkow:

Symbol za Śišćaŕski pśeglěd

Śišćaŕski pśeglěd

Use the icons on the Print Preview Bar to scroll through the pages of the document or to print the document.

You can also press +Page Up and +Page Down keys to scroll through the pages.

Symbol za Notica

You cannot edit your document while you are in the print preview.

Pšosym pódprějśo nas!