Syntax fragments

LibreOffice Basic syntax fragments.

argument fragment

argument fragment

      {[Optional [ByRef|ByVal]]|ParamArray} argument {{As typename|char}[ = expression]|[()]As Variant}


Optional: The argument is not mandatory.

ByRef: The argument is passed by reference. ByRef is the default.

ByVal: The argument is passed by value. Its value can be modified by the called routine.

char: Type declaration character.

typename: Primitive data type name. Library or module defined types can also be specified.

= expression: Specify a default value for the argument, matching its declared type. Optional is necessary for each argument specifying a default value.

ParamArray: Use ParamArray when the number of parameters is undetermined. A typical scenario is that of a Calc user-defined function. Using ParamArray should be limited to the last argument of a routine.


UsingParamArray or = expression require Option Compatible to be placed before the executable program code in a module.


When using Option VBASupport 1, Optional arguments with no default value (= expression) are initialized according to their data type, except if Variant.

array fragment

array fragment

      ( [[start To] end], .. )


start: Lower bound of a dimension.

end: Upper bound of a dimension.

Multiple dimensions for an array are denoted using comma (,) sign.

typename fragment

primitive data types fragment


char fragment

type declaration characters

      { % | & | ! | # | $ | @ }

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