UBound Function

Returns the upper boundary of an array.


UBound (ArrayName [, Dimension])

Return value:



ArrayName: Name of the array for which you want to determine the upper (Ubound) or the lower (LBound) boundary.

[Dimension]: Integer that specifies which dimension to return the upper(Ubound) or lower (LBound) boundary for. If no value is specified, the boundary of the first dimension is returned.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call

9 Index out of defined range


Sub VectorBounds
    Dim v(10 To 20) As String
    Print LBound(v()) ' 10
    Print UBound(v) ' 20
End Sub
Sub TableBounds
    Dim t(10 To 20,-5 To 70) As Currency
    Print LBound(t), UBound(t()) ' 10  20
    Print LBound(t(),2) ' -5
    Print UBound(t,2) ' 70
End Sub

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