Select a color to apply, save the current color list, or load a different color list.

So greifen Sie auf diesen Befehl zu:

Press the Color button in one of the situations below:

Choose View - Styles - choose style - open context menu - choose Modify/New - tab.

Choose Format - Area - Area tab.

Choose Format - Title - Area tab (chart documents).

Choose Format - Legend - Area tab (chart documents).

Choose Format - Chart Wall - Area tab (chart documents).

Choose Format - Chart Floor - Area tab (chart documents).

Choose Format - Chart Area - Area tab (chart documents).

Color page dialog



Select the color palette in the list box to pick the color for the selected object. The palette color set displays below.

Recent colors

Displays the recent selected colors.

Custom Palette

Click Add to open a dialog to set a name for the custom color. The palette changes to "custom".

Click Delete to delete the color from the custom palette.


You cannot add or delete colors of the palettes provided by your installation.


Displays the current active color for the object. Red, blue and green components values and the color value in hexadecimal notation are displayed just below.


Displays the new color for the object that will be applied when you click OK.

R, G and B

The values of the red, blue and green components of the new color. You can define the new color by entering the red, green and blue values in the respective R, G and B spin boxes. Allowed values are 0 to 255.


The color value in hexadecimal notation. You can enter the hexadecimal value in the Hex text box.


Opens the color picker dialog for a graphical selection of the desired color.


Setzt die im aktuellen Register vorgenommenen Änderungen auf die Einstellungen zurück, die beim Öffnen des Registers galten. Beim Zurücksetzen erfolgt keine Sicherheitsabfrage.

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