Redacting documents blocks out words or portions of a document for authorized use or viewing.

Redaction protects sensitive information and helps enterprises and organizations to comply with regulations on confidentiality or privacy.

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Trieu Eines ▸ Veladura

Com funciona la veladura al LibreOffice?

The current document is exported to a drawing document edited in LibreOffice Draw. The redacted text or contents is removed from the drawing document and replaced by the redaction block of pixels, preventing any attempt to restore or copy the original contents. The redacted drawing document is often exported to PDF for publication or sharing.

When redacting, the redaction shapes are transparent and in gray so the user can see what is being redacted.


The source document (text, spreadsheet or presentation) is not affected by redaction and can continue to be edited.


Save and share the in-redaction copies of the document with peers either in the modifiable (drawing) or the verbatim (PDF) format at your option.

La barra d'eines de veladura

La barra d'eines de veladura conté quatre elements

Icona de l'eina Veladura amb rectangles

The Rectangle Redaction tool is used to mark the content for redaction by drawing transparent rectangles covering the content. Use the handles to resize the redaction rectangle.

Freeform Redaction Icona d'eina

The Freeform Redaction tool allows the user to mark the content for redaction by drawing free-form lines or polygons covering the content.

Blanc Redactat icona d'eina d'exportació  Negre Redactat icona d'eina d'exportació

The Redacted Export button box has two options:

  • Redactad Exporta (negre) finalitza el document convertint les formes de redacció semitransparent en negre opac i exporta com a píxels en el fitxer PDF.

  • Exportació velada (en blanc): finalitzeu el document convertint les formes semitransparents de veladura a formes blanques opaques que s'exporten com a píxels al fitxer PDF.

Icona Exporta directament a PDF

Direct Exporta a PDF Fa una còpia en acció del document a PDF per compartir-lo com a còpia literal per a la revisió

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