ODBC Connection

Specifies the settings for an ODBC data source connection.

On Solaris and Linux platforms, try using the JDBC driver instead of the ODBC driver. Refer to the unixODBC Project web page for an ODBC implementation on Solaris or Linux.

To connect to a Microsoft Access database on Windows, use the ADO or Access database interface, rather than ODBC.


Drivers for ODBC are supplied and supported by the manufacturer of the database. LibreOffice only supports the ODBC 3 standard.

Name of the ODBC data source

Enter the name of the data source registered in LibreOffice.


Click to open the ODBC data source selection dialog.

Choose a data source

Select the data source to which you want to connect using ODBC. Then click OK.


Per a editar o afegir registres a una taula de base de dades al LibreOffice, la taula ha de tenir un camp d'índex unívoc.

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