Select Database

Creates a new database, opens a database file, or connects to an existing database.

Create a new database

Select to create a new database. This option uses the HSQL database engine with default settings. The final page of the wizard appears next.

Lloc web extern sobre l'HSQL (en anglès).

Open an existing database file

Select to open a database file from a list of recently used files or from a file selection dialog.

Recently used

Select a database file to open from the list of recently used files. Click Finish to open the file immediately and to exit the wizard.


Opens a file selection dialog where you can select a database file. Click Open or OK in the file selection dialog to open the file immediately and to exit the wizard.

Connect to an existing database

Select to create a database document for an existing database connection.

Tipus de base de dades

Seleccioneu el tipus de base de dades per a la connexió de base de dades existent.


Les bases de dades de tipus Outlook, Evolution, llibreta d'adreces de KDE i Seamonkey no necessiten informació addicional. En el cas de bases de dades d'altres tipus, l'auxiliar mostra pàgines addicionals que permeten indicar la informació necessària.

La següent pàgina de l'auxiliar és una d'aquestes:

Save and proceed

Specifies whether you want to register the database, open the database for editing, or insert a new table.

Set up text file connection

Set up Microsoft Access or Microsoft Access 2007 connection

Set up ADO connection

Set up JDBC connection

Set up Oracle database connection

MariaDB and MySQL Connection

PostgreSQL Connection

Paràmetres ODBC

Set up Spreadsheet connection

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