XML Source

Importeu dades XML en un full de càlcul.

The XML Source feature allows to import data from arbitrarily structured XML content into cells in an existing spreadsheet document. It allows XML content to be imported either partially or in full, depending on the structure of the XML content and the map definitions that the user defines. The user can specify multiple non-overlapping sub-structures to be mapped to different cell positions within the same document. The user can import either element contents, attribute values or both.

Per a accedir a aquesta ordre...

Choose Data - XML Source.

Diàleg Font XML

Diàleg Font XML

El diàleg es composa de quatre parts.

Fitxer font

This lets you specify the path to the XML file that you wish to import into your document.

Map to Document

This pane shows the structure of the source XML content as a tree. This is initially empty, and gets populated when you specify the source file.

Cadascun dels elements de l'arbre pot ser d'un dels tres tipus seg√ľents:

A non-recurring element is an element that can only occur once under the same parent. It is mapped to a single cell in the document.

A recurring element is an element that can appear multiple times under the same parent. It serves as an enclosing parent of a single record entry of multiple record entries. These entries are imported into a range those height equals the number of entries plus one additional header row.

Cel·la assignada

This field specifies the position of a cell in the document that an element or an attribute is linked to. If it is a non-recurring element or an attribute, it simply points to the cell where the value of the linked element/attribute will get imported. If it is a recurring element, it points to the top-left cell of the range where the whole record entries plus header will get imported.


En fer clic al botó Importa s'inicia el procés d'importació basat en les definicions d'enllaços que ha proporcionat l'usuari. Quan finalitzi la importació, el diàleg es tancarà.

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