IFS is a multiple IF-function.


Aquesta funció és disponible des de la versió 5.2 del LibreOffice.


IFS(expression1; result1[; expression2; result2][; ... ; [expression127; result127]])

expression1, expression2, ... are any boolean values or expressions that can be TRUE or FALSE

result1, result2, ... are the values that are returned if the logical test is TRUE

IFS( expression1, result1, expression2, result2, expression3, result3 ) is executed as

IF expression1 is TRUE

THEN result1

ELSE IF expression2 is TRUE

THEN result2

ELSE IF expression3 is TRUE

THEN result3

To get a default result should no expression be TRUE, add a last expression that is always TRUE, like TRUE or 1=1 followed by the default result.

If there is a result missing for an expression or is no expression is TRUE, a #N/A error is returned.

If expression is neither TRUE or FALSE, a #VALUE error is returned.

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