Llegenda automàtica

Especifica els paràmetres per a les llegendes que s'afigen automàticament als objectes inserits.

Per accedir a esta orde...

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer - AutoCaption.

Afig llegendes automàticament en inserir

Enable the object type(s) for which AutoCaption settings are applied.

Caption Order

Select ordering of caption: category label first or numbering first.


Define the options to be applied for the selected object type. These options are identical to those in the Insert - Caption menu, which is available when an object is selected. The preview window in the dialog shows the result of the selected settings.


Especifica la categoria de l'objecte seleccionat.


Permet especificar el tipus de numeració que s'ha d'utilitzar.

Després del número

Specify optional characters to display between the caption number and category. This option is active only when Numbering first is selected for the Caption Order.

Abans de la llegenda

Define optional text character that appears after the caption category and caption number.


Determina la posició de la llegenda respecte a l'objecte.

Heading Number Before Caption Number

Fins al nivell

For typical use of headings, the selected number will indicate how many levels of heading number (starting from level 1) are displayed. If [None] is selected, no heading number is displayed.


The heading number selected for display is the first prior heading whose outline level is equal to or less than the selected outline level. For example, select “2” to use the heading number of the first prior heading with outline level 1 or outline level 2.


Define the character to display between the heading number and the caption number.

Categoria i format del marc

Estil de caràcter

Specifies the character style of the caption category and caption number.

Aplica la vora i l'ombra

Aplica la vora i l'ombra de l'objecte al marc de la llegenda.

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