Opens a local or remote file, or imports one.

Per accedir a esta orde...

Choose File - Open.


On the Standard bar, click


Obri un fitxer

LibreOffice uses the native file picker dialog of the window manager of your operating system for the Open command.

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If the file that you want to open contains styles, special rules apply.

Display area

Displays the files and folders in the folder that you are in. To open a file, select the file, and then click Open.

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To open more than one document at the same time, each in an own window, hold while you click the files, and then click Open.

Modern system file dialogs present many features for file handling. Most allows you to rename, delete, create files, sort list of files, display files and folders in icons, tree or list views, traverse the file system folder tree and much more. Use the mouse right button to get a list of commands on the selected files in the display area.

Nom del fitxer

Enter a file name or a path for the file.

The following features are available in the dialog:

  1. LibreOffice has an AutoComplete function which activates itself in some text and list boxes. For example, enter into the URL field and the AutoComplete function displays the first file or first directory found that starts with the letter "a".

  2. Use the Down Arrow key to scroll through the other files and directories. Use the Right Arrow key to also display an existing subdirectory in the URL field. Quick AutoComplete is available if you press the End key after entering part of the URL. Once you find the document or directory you want, press Enter.


Si hi ha diverses versions del fitxer seleccionat, seleccioneu la versió que vulgueu obrir. Podeu guardar diferents versions d'un document i gestionar-les triant Fitxer ▸ Versions. Les diferents versions d'un document s'obren en mode només de lectura.

Tipus de fitxer

Seleccioneu el tipus de fitxer que voleu obrir, o seleccioneu Tots els fitxers (*) per a mostrar tots els fitxers de la carpeta.


Obri els documents seleccionats.


Si heu obert el diàleg mitjançant Insereix ▸ Fitxer, el botó Obri es reemplaça pel botó Insereix. Insereix el fitxer seleccionat a la posició del cursor en el document actual.

Només lectura

Obri el fitxer en mode només de lectura.

Obertura de documents amb plantilles

LibreOffice recognizes templates that are located in any folder from the following list:

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When you use File - Templates - Save as Template to save a template, the template will be stored in your user template folder. When you open a document that is based on such a template, the document will be checked for a changed template as described below. The template is associated with the document, it may be called a "sticky template".

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When you use File - Save As and select a template filter to save a template at any other folder that is not in the list, then the documents based on that template will not be checked.

When you open a document that was created from a "sticky template" (as defined above), LibreOffice checks to see if the template has been modified since the document was last opened. If the template was changed a dialog is shown where you can select which styles to apply to the document.

To apply the new styles from the template to the document, click Update Styles.

To retain the styles that are currently used in the document, click Keep Old Styles.

If a document was created using a template that cannot be found a dialog is shown that asks you how to proceed next time the document is opened.

To break the link between the document and the missing template, click No, otherwise LibreOffice will look for the template the next time you open the document.

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