This menu allows you to insert elements, such as graphics and guides, into Draw documents.


Insert an image


Inserts a chart based on data from a cell or table range or with default data.


Insereix una taula a la diapositiva o a la pĂ gina actual.


The submenu presents various sources that an image, audio or video can be insert from.


Inserts an embedded object into your document, including formulas, 3D models, charts and OLE objects.

Insert Snap Point/Line

Insereix un punt de captura o una línia de captura (també coneguda com a guia) que podeu utilitzar per alinear objectes ràpidament en una diapositiva.


Inserts a new layer in the document. Layers are only available in Draw, not in Impress.

Text Box

Insert a text box


Inserts a comment around the selected text, presentation slide, drawing page or at the current spreadsheet cursor position.

Floating Frame

Insereix un marc flotant al document actual. Els marcs flotants s'utilitzen als documents HTML per mostrar el contingut d'un altre fitxer.


You can use Fontwork to create graphical text art objects.


Opens a dialog that enables you to create and edit hyperlinks.

Special Character

Allows a user to insert characters from the range of symbols found in the installed fonts.

Marca de format

Obri un submenĂș per inserir marques de formataciĂł especials com ara l'espai no separable, el guiĂł discrecional i el salt opcional.

Page Number

Insert a text box with the current page number.


Mostra una llista dels camps comuns que podeu inserir a la diapositiva.

Control del formulari

This submenu contains form controls like a textbox, checkbox, option button, and listbox that can be inserted into the document.

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