Returns the number of workdays between a start date and an end date. There are options to define weekend days and holidays. The optional weekend parameter (or a string) can be used to define the weekend days (or the non-working days in each week). Also, optionally, the user can define a holiday list. The weekend days and user-defined holidays are not counted as working days.


NETWORKDAYS.INTL(StartDate; EndDate [; [ Weekend ] [; Holidays ] ])

DataInicial és la data a partir de la qual es duu a terme el càlcul. Si la data inicial és un dia feiner, el dia s'inclou al càlcul.

EndDate is the date up until when the calculation is carried out. If the end date is a workday, the day is included in the calculation.

Weekend is an optional parameter – a number or a string used to specify the days of the week that are weekend days and are not considered working days. Weekend is a weekend number or string that specifies when weekends occur. Weekend number values indicate the following weekend days:

Number 1 to 7 for two-day weekends and 11 to 17 for one-day weekends.


Cap de setmana

1 o omés

Dissabte i diumenge


Diumenge i dilluns


Dilluns i dimarts


Dimarts i dimecres


Dimecres i dijous


Dijous i divendres


Divendres i dissabte


Només diumenge


Només dilluns


Només dimarts


Només dimecres


Només dijous


Només divendres


Només dissabte

Weekend string provides another way to define the weekly non-working days. It must have seven (7) characters – zeros (0) for working day and ones (1) for non-working day. Each character represents a day of the week, starting with Monday. Only 1 and 0 are valid. “1111111” is an invalid string and should not be used. For example, the weekend string “0000011” defines Saturday and Sunday as non-working days.

Holidays is an optional list of dates that must be counted as non-working days. The list can be given in a cell range.


En introduir dates com a part de fórmules, les barres i guionets usats com a separadors s'interpreten com a operadors aritmètics. Per tant, les dates en aquest format no es reconeixen com a dates i produeixen càlculs erronis. Per a evitar que les dates s'interpreti com a part de fórmules, feu servir la funció DATA — p. ex. DATA(1954;7;20)—, o escriviu la data entre cometes i en la notació ISO 8601 —p. ex. "1954-07-20"—. Eviteu fer servir formats de data regionals, com ara «07/20/54», perquè això pot generar error si el document s'obri amb una configuració regional diferent.


Unambiguous conversion is possible for ISO 8601 dates and times in their extended formats with separators. If a #VALUE! error occurs, then unselect Generate #VALUE! error in - LibreOffice Calc - Formula, button Details... in section "Detailed Calculation Settings", Conversion from text to number list box.


This function ignores any text or empty cell within a data range. If you suspect wrong results from this function, look for text in the data ranges. To highlight text contents in a data range, use the value highlighting feature.


How many workdays fall between December 15, 2016 and January 14, 2017? Let the start date be located in C3 and the end date in D3. Cells F3 to J3 contain five (5) holidays for Christmas and New Year in date format: December 24, 2016; December 25, 2016; December 26, 2016; December 31, 2016; and January 1, 2017.

=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(C3;D3;;F3:J3) returns 21 workdays with default for weekend days.

=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(C3;D3;11;F3:J3) returns 24 workdays with Sunday only weekends.

Alternatively, use the weekend string “0000001” to define Sunday as the non-working day of every week.

=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(C3;D3;“0000001”;F3:J3) returns 24 workdays with Sunday only weekend.

The function can be used without the two optional parameters – weekday and holidays – by leaving them out:

=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(C3;D3) gives 22 working days.

Informació tècnica


Aquesta funció és disponible des de la versió 4.3 del LibreOffice.

This function is not part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) Version 1.3. Part 4: Recalculated Formula (OpenFormula) Format standard. The name space is


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