New Operator

Use the New operator to instantiate objects of user-defined types, as well as Uno services, structs and enumerations.


Dim oObj as New ObjectType

oObj = New ObjectType


The New operator can be used either during variable declaration or in an assignment operation.

Exemple :

The following example uses the New operator to create an instance of the PropertyValue Uno struct.

    ' Instantiating the object during variable declaration
    Dim oProp1 as New
    oProp1.Name = "Some name"
    oProp1.Value = 100
    ' The same can be accomplished with an assignment
    Dim oProp2 as Object
    oProp2 = New
    oProp2.Name = "Other name"
    oProp2.Value = 200

New operator is optional when setting Option Compatible option.

The example below creates a new type Student and instantiates an object of this type:

    Type Student
        FirstName as String
        Program as String
    End Type
    Sub TestObjects
        Dim oStudent1 as New Student
        oStudent1.FirstName = "John"
        oStudent2.Program = "Computer Science"
    End Sub

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