CompatibilityMode() Function

CompatibilityMode() function is controlling runtime mode and affects all code executed after setting or resetting the mode.


Use this feature with caution, limit it to document conversion for example.


Option Compatible turns on VBA compatibility at module level for the LibreOffice Basic interpreter.

This function may affect or help in the following situations:


CompatibilityMode() function may be necessary when resorting to Option Compatible or Option VBASupport compiler modes.


CompatibilityMode(True | False)

Exemple :

Given a NOT empty directory at file:///home/me/Test

        Sub RemoveDir
            CompatibilityMode( true )
            RmDir( "file:///home/me/Test" )
        End Sub

With CompatibilityMode( true ) the program results in an error, otherwise the Test directory and all its content is deleted.

Exemple :

Modificació del comportament de Dir

    Sub VBADirCommand
        CompatibilityMode( true )   ' Mostra també els fitxers normals
        Entry$ = Dir( "file:///home/me/Tmp/*.*", 16 )
        Total$ = ""
        While Entry$ <> ""
            Total$ = Total$ + Entry$ + Chr$(13)
            Entry$ = Dir
        MsgBox Total$
    End Sub

Refer to Identifying the Operating System and Getting Session Information for Option Compatible simple examples, or Access2Base shared Basic library for other class examples making use of Option Compatible compiler mode.

Variables scope modification in Using Procedures and Functions with CompatibilityMode() function.

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