Funci贸 CInt

Converteix qualsevol expressi贸 num猫rica o de cadena en un enter.


CInt (Expression As Variant) As Integer

Valor de retorn:


Par脿metres :

Expression: Any string or numeric expression that you want to convert. To convert a string expression, the number must be entered as normal text using the default number format of your LibreOffice locale settings. For instance, the number must be entered using a dot "." as the decimal point and a comma "," as the thousands separator (for instance 123,456.78) for the English locale setting.

If the argument is string, the function trims the leading white space; then it tries to recognize a number in following characters. The syntax below are recognized:

The rest of the string is ignored. If the string is not recognized, e.g. when after trimming leading whitespace it doesn't start with plus, minus, a decimal digit, or "&", or when the sequence after "&O" is longer than 11 characters or contains an alphabetic character, the numeric value of expression is 0.

Si l'argument 茅s un error, el n煤mero d'error s'utilitza com a valor num猫ric de l'expressi贸.

If the argument is a date, number of days since 1899-12-30 (serial date) is used as numeric value of the expression. Time is represented as fraction of a day.

After calculating the numeric value of the expression, it is rounded to the nearest integer (if needed), and if the result is not between -32768 and 32767, LibreOffice Basic reports an overflow error. Otherwise, the result is returned.

Codis d'error

5 La crida al procediment no 茅s v脿lida

Exemple :

Numeric expressions are displayed according to LibreOffice locale settings:

Sub ExampleCountryConvert
    MsgBox CDbl(1234.5678) ' 1234.5678
    MsgBox CInt(1234.5678) ' 1235
    MsgBox CLng(1234+5678) ' 6912
    MsgBox CSng(1234.5678) ' 1234.567749023

    MsgBox CDbl(expression := 5678.1234) ' 5678.1234
    MsgBox CInt(expression := 5678.1234) ' 5678
    MsgBox CLng(expression := 5678+1234) ' 6912
    MsgBox CSng(expression := 5678.1234) ' 5678.123535156
End Sub

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