Drawing Object Properties Bar

You can see the Drawing Object Properties bar in Writer and Calc. Select the menu View - Toolbars - Drawing Object Properties. The controls are enabled when a drawing object is selected. You see some different icons by default, whether the current document is a text document or a spreadsheet.


Sets the formatting options for the selected line.

Icon Line


Iz datoteke

Opens the Arrowheads toolbar. Use the symbols shown to define the style for the end of the selected line.

Icon Line Ends

Arrow Style

Dizajn linije

Select the line style that you want to use.

Icon Line Style

Stil linije

Line Thickness

Select the thickness for the line. You can append a measurement unit. A zero line thickness results in a hairline with a thickness of one pixel of the output medium.

Icon Line Thickness

Line Thickness

Boja linije

Select a color for the line.

Icon Line Color

Line Color


Sets the fill properties of the selected drawing object.

Icon Area


Area Style/Filling

Select the type of fill that you want to apply to the selected drawing object.

Icon Area Style / Filling

Stil i punjenje površine


Rotates the selected object.

Icon Rotate



Allows you to switch between anchoring options.

Icon Anchor


To Foreground

Pomjera označeni objekat ispred teksta.

Icon To Foreground

U prednji plan

To Background

Pomjera označeni objekat iza teksta.

Icon To Background

U Pozadina


Pomjera označene objekte prema vrhu u stack redu, tako da je taj objekat ispred drugog objekta.

Icon Bring to Front

Postavi Naprijed

Pošalji nazad

Pomjera označeni objekat prema dnu stack reda, tako da je iza drugih objekata.

Icon Send to Back

Pošalji Nazad


Modifies the alignment of selected objects.



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