Resizing Rows and Columns in a Text Table

You can resize the width of table cells and columns, as well as change the height of table rows.


You can also distribute rows and columns evenly using the icons on the Optimize Size toolbar on the Table Bar.

Changing the Width of Columns and Cells

To change the width of a column:

Uradite jedno od sljedecih


Možete odrediti ponašanje tipki sa strelicama sa izabirom LibreOffice Pisac - tabela, i izabirom opcije koje želite u polju rukovanja tastature.

To change the width of a cell:

Držite i kliknite glavu reda

Changing the Height of a Row

Dabi kopirali dialog ili modul, pritisnite i drzite tipku dok drag-i-dropujete.

Resizing a whole Table

To change the width and height of a table, do one of the following:


To wrap text to the sides of a table, and to arrange two tables next to another, you must insert the tables into a frame. Click inside the table, press +A twice to select the whole table, then choose Insert - Frame.


Tables within HTML pages do not offer the full range of properties and commands as tables in OpenDocument format.

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