Inserting a Chapter Name and Number in a Header or a Footer

Before you can insert chapter information into a header or footer, you must first set the chapter numbering options for the paragraph style that you want to use for chapter titles.

To Create a Paragraph Style for Chapter Titles

  1. Choose Tools - Chapter Numbering.

  2. U stil kutiji, izaberite paragraf stil koji želite upotrebiti za naslov pogljavlja, kao na primjer, "Heading 1".

  3. Select the numbering style for the chapter titles in the Number box, for example, "1,2,3...".

  4. Type "Chapter" followed by a space in the Before box.

  5. Type a name in the Style Name box.

  6. Click Zatvori.

To Insert the Chapter Name and Number in a Header or a Footer

  1. Apply the paragraph style that you defined for chapter titles to the chapter headings in your document.

  2. Choose Insert - Header and Footer - Header or Insert - Header and Footer - Footer, and then select the page style for the current page from the submenu.

  3. Click in the header or footer.

  4. Izaberite Unesite - Polja - Ostalo i kliknite Funkcije karticu.

  1. Click "Chapter" in the Type list and "Chapter number and name" in the Format list.

  2. Click Insert and then click Close.

The header on every page that uses the current page style automatically displays the chapter name and number.

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