Variable fields let you add dynamic content to your document. For example, you can use a variable to reset the page numbering.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Field - More Fields - Variables tab


Ispisuje dostupne vrste polja. Da bi dodali polje u vaÅ” dokument, pritisnite na vrstu polja, pritisnite na polje u Izaberi spisku, i onda pritisnite Ubaci. SlijedeƦa polja su dostupna:



Set Variable

Defines a variable and its value. You can change the value of a variable by clicking in front of the variable field, and then choosing Edit - Field.

Show Variable

Inserts the current value of the variable that you click in the Select list.

DDE polje

Inserts a DDE link into the document, that you can update as often as you want through the assigned name.

Ubaci formulu

Inserts a fixed number, or the result of a formula.

Input field

Inserts a new value for a variable or a User Field.

The value of a variable in an Input field is only valid from where the field is inserted and onwards. To change the value of the variable later in the document, insert another Input field of the same name, but with a different value. However, the value of a User Field is changed globally.

The variables are displayed in the Select field. When you click the Insert button, the dialog Review Fields appears, where you can enter the new value or additional text as a remark.

Opseg brojeva

Inserts automatic numbering for tables, graphics, or frames.

Postavljanje stranične promjenjive

Inserts a reference point in the document, after which the page count restarts. Select "on" to enable the reference point, and "off" to disable it. You can also enter an offset to start the page count at a different number.

Show page variable

Displays the number of pages from the "Set page variable" reference point to this field.

Korisničko polje

Inserts a custom global variable. You can use the User Field to define a variable for a condition statement. When you change a User Field, all instances of the variable in the document are updated.


Lists the available fields for the field type selected in the Type list. To insert a field, click the field, and then click Insert.

Tip Icon

To quickly insert a field from the Select list, hold down and double-click the field.

Pritisnite na format koji želite da primijenite na odabrano polje, ili pritisnite na "Dodatni formati" da definiÅ”ete prilagoĆ°eni format.


Pritisnite na format koji želite da primijenite na odabrano polje, ili pritisnite na "Dodatni formati" da definiÅ”ete prilagoĆ°eni format.


Type the name of the user-defined field that you want to create. This option is available for "Set variable", "DDE field", "Number range" and "User Field" field types.


User-defined fields are only available in the current document.


Enter the contents that you want to add to a user-defined field.

In the Format list, define if the value is inserted as text or a number.


SlijedeƦa polja mogu samo biti ubaĆØena ako su odgovarajuƦa vrsta polja odabrana u Vrsta spisku.

In an HTML document, two additional fields are available for the "Set variable" field type: HTML_ON and HTML_OFF. The text that you type in the Value box is converted to an opening HTML tag (<Value>) or to a closing HTML (</Value>) tag when the file is saved as an HTML document, depending on the option that you select.

DDE Statement

Opci sintaksa za DDE naredba je: "<server> <Topic> <Item>", gdje DDE server je naziv za program koji sadrži podatke. Tema se odnosi na mjesto predmeta (obicno naziv datoteke), te predmeta predstavlja stvarni objekt.

This option is only available if the "DDE field" field type is selected.


This option is only available if the "Insert Formula" field type is selected.


Type the text that you want to display in the field. If you are inserting a placeholder field, type the text that you want to display as a help tip when you rest the mouse pointer over the field.


UpiŔite vrijednost ostatka koji želite da primijenite na polje broja stranice, npr. "+1".

This option is only available if the "Set page variable" field type is selected.


Hides the field contents in the document. The field is inserted as a thin gray mark in the document. This option is only available for the "Set Variable" and "User Field" field types.

Numbering by Chapter

Sets the options for resetting chapter numbers.


Choose the heading or chapter level at which to restart numbering in the document.


Type the character that you want to use as a separator between the heading or chapter levels.


Numbering by Chapter, Level and Separator are only available for the "Number range" field type.


Adds the user-defined field to the Select list.

Icon Apply



Removes the user-defined field from the select list. You can only remove fields that are not used in the current document. To remove a field that is used in the current document from the list, first delete all instances of the field in the document, and then remove it from the list.



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