Sets the properties of the section.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Section - Section tab or choose Format - Sections

Nova sekcija

Type a name for the new section. By default, LibreOffice automatically assigns the name "Section X" to new sections, where X is a consecutive number.



Inserts the contents of another document or section from another document in the current section.


Creates a DDE link. Select this check box, and then enter the DDE command that you want to use. The DDE option is only available if the Link check box is selected.

Opci sintaksa za DDE naredba je: "<server> <Topic> <Item>", gdje DDE server je naziv za program koji sadrži podatke. Tema se odnosi na mjesto predmeta (obicno naziv datoteke), te predmeta predstavlja stvarni objekt.

For example, to insert a section named "Section1" from a LibreOffice text document abc.odt as a DDE link, use the command: "soffice x:\abc.odt Section1". To insert the contents of the first cell from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file called "abc.xls", use the command: "excel x:\[abc.xls]Sheet1 z1s1". You can also copy the elements that you want to insert as a DDE link, and then Edit - Paste Special. You can then view the DDE command for the link, by selecting the contents and choosing Edit - Fields.

File name

Enter the path and the filename for the file that you want to insert, or click the Browse button to locate the file.


Locate the file that you want to insert as a link, and then click Insert.


Select the section in the file that you want to insert as a link.

Kada otvorite dokument koji sadrži povezane odjele, biti æe zatraženo od vas da obnovite veze.

Zaštita pisanja


Prevents the selected section from being edited.

Sa Å¡ifrom

Protects the selected section with a password. The password must have a minimum of 5 characters.


Opens a dialog where you can change the current password.



Hides and prevents the selected section from being printed. The components of a hidden sections appear gray in the Navigator. When you rest your mouse pointer over a hidden component in the Navigator, the Help tip "hidden" is displayed.

Note Icon

Vi ne možete sakriti odjel ako je to samo sadržaj na stranici, ili u zaglavlju, podnožju, fusnoti, okviru, ili æeliji tabele.

Sa uslovom

Enter the condition that must be met to hide the section. A condition is a logical expression, such as "SALUTATION EQ Mr.". For example, if you use the mail merge form letter feature to define a database field called "Salutation" that contains "Mr.", "Ms.", or "Sir or Madam", you can then specify that a section will only be printed if the salutation is "Mr.".

Drugi primjer bi bio da kreirate varijablu polja "x" i postavite njenu vrijednost na 1. Onda odredite uslov baziran na ovoj varijabli za skrivanje odjela, kao: "x eq 1". Ako želite da prikažete odjel, postavite vrijednost varijable "x" na "0".


Možete vidjeti ovo podruèje kutije kada je trenutni dokument u XForms dokumentu.

Izmijenjivo u samo za èitanje dokumentu

Odaberi da odobriš izmjenjivanje sadržaja odjela èak i kada je dokument otvoren u samo za èitanje naèinu rada.

Sintaksa za uslove

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