Line and Filling Bar

The Line and Filling Bar contains commands and options that you can apply in the current view.


With no object selected in the workspace, if you set the shape attributes like line thickness, line color, line style, area fill type and area fill style with the Line and Filling bar, then the line and filling settings are applied to new shapes, as direct formatting, overriding the shape Default Drawing Style attributes. To reset the attributes of the Line and Filling bar to those of the Default Drawing Style, unselect any object in the workspace and double-click on the Default Drawing Style entry in the Styles pane of the Sidebar. The next object you draw shows the Default Drawing Style.


mijenja velińćinu, pomińće, rotira, ili nakoŇ°ava oznańćeni objekt.

Icon Position and Size

Pozicija i velińćina

Align Objects

Aligns selected objects with respect to one another.


Pomjera oznańćene objekte prema vrhu u stack redu, tako da je taj objekat ispred drugog objekta.

Icon Bring to Front

Postavi Naprijed


Pomjera oznańćeni objekat za jedan nivo gore, tako da je bliŇĺe vrhu stack reda.

Icon Bring Forward

Pomjeri ispred

PoŇ°alji nazad

Pomjera oznańćeni objekat jedan nivo dole, tako da je niŇĺe dnu stack reda.

Icon Send Backward

PoŇ°alji nazad

PoŇ°alji nazad

Pomjera oznańćeni objekat prema dnu stack reda, tako da je iza drugih objekata.

Icon Send to Back

PoŇ°alji Nazad

In Front of Object

Changes the stacking order by moving the selected object in front of an object that you specify. The screen location of the selected object does not change.

Behind Object

Changes the stacking order by moving the selected object behind an object that you specify. The screen location of the selected object does not change.

Dizajn linije

Select the line style that you want to use.

Icon Line Style

Stil linije

Line Thickness

Select the thickness for the line. You can append a measurement unit. A zero line thickness results in a hairline with a thickness of one pixel of the output medium.

Icon Line Thickness

Line Thickness

Boja linije

Select a color for the line.

Icon Line Color

Line Color

Area Style / Filling

Select the type of fill that you want to apply to the selected drawing object.

Icon Area Style / Filling

Stil i punjenje povrŇ°ine


Adds a shadow to the selected object. If the object already has a shadow, the shadow is removed. If you click this icon when no object is selected, the shadow is added to the next object that you draw.

Icon Add Shadow


Iz datoteke

Opens the Arrowheads toolbar. Use the symbols shown to define the style for the end of the selected line.

Icon Line Ends

Arrow Style

Flip Vertically

Flips the selected object(s) vertically from top to bottom.

Flip Horizontally

Flips the selected object(s) horizontally from left to right.


Modifies the shape, orientation or fill of the selected object(s).

Specifies whether to show or hide the Styles window, which is where you can assign and organize styles.

Icon Styles


Display Grid

Enables or disables the grid.


Specifies whether to move frames, drawing elements, and controls only between grid points. To change the status of the snap grip only for the current action, drag an object while holding down the .

Helplines While Moving

Activates or deactivates the display of guides when moving an object.

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