Contains commands for modifying objects in your document.


Rotates the selected object(s).


Okreće označeni objekat horizontalno ili vertikalno..


Options for converting the selected object.


Changes the stacking order of a selected object.

Align Objects

Aligns selected objects with respect to one another.

Distribute Selection

Distributes three or more selected objects evenly along the horizontal axis or the vertical axis. You can also evenly distribute the spacing between objects.

Naziv objekta

Assigns a name to the selected object, so that you can quickly find the object in the Navigator.


Grupiše individualne objekte tako da mogu biti pomjereni kao jedan objekat..


Razdvaja označenu grupu na individualne objekte.

Pristupi grupi

Otvara označenu grupu, tako da možete uređivati individualne objekte. Ako označena grupa sadrži ugniježdene objekte, možete ponavljati ovu komandu na podgrupe.

Napustiti grupu

napušta grupu, tako da više ne možete uređivati individualne objekte unutar grupe.


Combines two or more selected objects into a single shape. Unlike grouping, a combined object takes on the properties of the lowermost object in the stacking order. You can split apart combined objects, but the original object properties are lost.


Splits a combined object into individual objects. The resulting objects have the same line and fill properties as the combined object.


Creates a shape from two or more selected objects.


Creates a line or Bézier curve by connecting two or more lines, Bézier curves, or other objects with a line. Closed objects containing a fill are converted to lines and lose their fill.


Breaks apart lines joined with the Connect command.

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