Defines the special effect that plays when you display a slide during a slide show.

To access this command...

Choose View - Slide Transition.

Tip Icon

To apply the same transition effect to more than one slide, switch to the Slide Sorter, select the slides, and then choose Slide - Slide Transition.

Slide Transition

Select the slide transition you want to use for the selected slides.


Select a variation of the transition. This list is only available for certain transitions.


Sets the duration of the slide transition.


Lists sounds that can played during the slide transition.

Potlja do sljedeces zvuka

Select to play the sound repeatedly until another sound starts.

Sjedeci slajd

Odredjuje prelaz na sljedeci slajd.

NA klik misa

Odaberite za prelaz na slijedeci slajd na klik misa.

Automatically after

Select to advance to the next slide after a number of seconds. Enter the seconds in the numerical field next to the spin button, or click the spin button.

Apply Transition to All Slides

Primjenjuje odabrani slajd prijelaz na sve slajdove u prezentaciji trenutnog dokumenta.


Pokazuje preklaz trenutnog slajda.

Automatic preview

Odabrati za pregled prelaza slajda automatski u dokumentu.

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