Specifies the support options for Java applications in LibreOffice, including which Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to use. It also specifies whether to use experimental (unstable) features such as macro recording and access expert configuration.

To access this command...

Choose - LibreOffice - Advanced.

Options Advanced Dialog Image


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

Java opcije


The current list of LibreOffice modules and resources that depends on Java is available in the wiki.

Koristite Java runtime environment

Omogućava vam pokretanje Java aplikacija i appleta u LibreOffice. Kada Java aplikacija ili applet pokuša pristupiti vašem hard disku, otvara se prozor za potvrdu.

Java runtime environments (JRE) ve─ç instalirane:

Bira JRE koji ┼żelite koristiti. Na nekim sistemima, morate sa─Źekati minutu dok se lista ne popuni. Na nekim sistemima, morate ponovo pokrenuti LibreOffice da bi koristili promijenjene postavke. Staza do JRE je prikazana ispod prozora sa listom.

You can override the default JRE of the operating system with one of the following alternatives:


Dodajte stazu do izvorne mape JRE-a na va┼íem ra─Źunaru. Staza je postavljena u slijede─çem dijalo┼íkom prozoru.


Otvara Java Start Parametri dijaloški prozor.

Staza klase

Otvara Stazu Klase dijaloški prozor.

Optional Features

Enable experimental features

Enables features that are not yet complete or may contain known bugs. The list of these features is different version by version, or even it can be empty.

Enable macro recording

Enables macro recording. The Tools - Macros - Record Macro menu item is available.

Expert Configuration

Opens the Expert Configuration dialog for advanced settings and configuration of LibreOffice.

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