Prihvatanje ili Odbacivanje Promjena


The review function is available in LibreOffice for text documents and spreadsheet documents.

Not all changes are recorded. For example, the changing of a tab stop from align left to align right is not recorded. However, all usual changes made by a proofreader are recorded, such as additions, deletions, text alterations, and usual formatting.

  1. To start recording changes, open the document to be edited and choose Edit - Track Changes and then choose Record.

  2. Now start making your changes. You will note that all new text passages that you enter are underlined in color, while all text that you delete remains visible but is crossed out and shown in color.

  3. If you move to a marked change with the mouse pointer, you will see a reference to the type of change, the author, date and time of day for the change in the Help Tip. If the Extended Tips are also enabled, you will also see any available comments on this change.

Changes in a spreadsheet document are highlighted by a border around the cells; when you point to the cell you can see more detailed information on this change in the Help Tip.

You can enter a comment on each recorded change by placing the cursor in the area of the change and then choosing Edit - Track Changes - Comment. In addition to Extended Tips, the comment is also displayed in the list in the Manage Changes dialog.

To stop recording changes, choose Edit - Track Changes - Record again. The check mark is removed and you can now save the document.

In a text document, you can highlight all lines that you have changed with an additional colored marking. This can be in the form of a red line in the margin, for example.

To change the settings for tracking changes, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Changes or on the - LibreOffice Calc - Changes.

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