Guides you through creating business and personal letters, faxes, agendas, and more.

To access this command...

Choose File - Wizards.


Pokreće asistenta za Å”ablon pisma.


Otvara asistent za faksove. Asistent vam može samo pomoći da kreirate Å”ablone dokumenta za faks dokumente. Onda možete ispisivati faks dokumente do printera ili do faks maÅ”ine, ako je faks drajver softver omogućen.


Starts the wizard to help you create an agenda template.

Konvertor dokumenata

Copies and converts documents into the OpenDocument XML format used by LibreOffice.

Euro pretvarač

Converts the currency amounts found in LibreOffice Calc documents and in fields and tables of LibreOffice Writer documents into euros.

Address Data Source

This wizard registers an existing address book as a data source in LibreOffice.

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