Slant & Corner Radius

Kosina ozna─Źenog objekta, ili okretanja ugla pravougaonog objekta.

To access this command...

Choose Format - Position and Size - Slant & Corner Radius tab.

Slant and Corner Radius tab page

Pre─Źnik ugla

Mo┼żete rotirati uglove pravougaonog oobjekta.


Unesite pre─Źnik kruga koji ┼żelite koristiti za rotiranje ugla.


Kosina ozna─Źenog objekta du┼ż ose koju ozna─Źite


Enter the angle of the slant axis.. The slant angle relates to how much an object inclines or slants from its normal vertical position.

Control points 1 and 2

Some shapes have a special handle which you can drag to change the properties of the shape. The mouse pointer changes to a hand symbol over these special handles. The control points refers to the X and Y coordinates of the position of these handles. When the object has no handle, the values in these boxes are zero. When the shape has one control point, the coordinates of the other control point are zero.

Enter a value to set the X and Y coordinates of the control points of the object.

Control points in a shape

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