Set the options for the selected style.

To access this command...

Choose View - Styles (F11) - open context menu of an entry and choose Modify/New - Organizer tab.


Displays the name of the selected style. If you are creating or modifying a custom style, enter a name for the style. You cannot change the name of a predefined style.

Next Style

Select an existing style that you want to follow the current style in your document. For paragraph styles, the next style is applied to an empty paragraph that is created when you press Enter at the end of an existing paragraph. For page styles, the next style is applied when a new page is created.

Inherit from

Select an existing style (or - None -) to provide its definitions to the current style. Use the other tabs to modify the inherited style.

Edit Style

Edit the properties of the parent style.


Displays the category for the current style. If you are creating or modifying a new style, select 'Custom Style' from the list.

Note Icon

You cannot change the category for a predefined style.


Describes the relevant formatting used in the current style.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.

\PREVEDI:Update Style

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