Format teksta (traži)

Finds specific text formatting features, such as font types, font effects, and text flow characteristics.

To access this command...

Choose Edit - Find & Replace - Format button.

The search criteria for attributes are listed below the Find box.

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You do not need to specify a search text in the Find box when you search and replace formatting.

To define a replacement format, click in the Replace box, and then click the Format button.

Koristite Tekst Format (Traži) ili Tekst Format (Zamijeni) da definišete kriterij formatiranja. Kutija dijaloga sadrži sljedeće stranice:


Specify the font effects that you want to use.


Sets the indenting and the spacing options for the paragraph.


Sets the alignment of the paragraph relative to the margins of page.


Specify hyphenation and pagination options.


Set the background color or graphic.

Podrska za azijske jezike

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Language Settings - Languages.

Specify the position, scaling, rotation, and spacing for characters.


Sets the options for double-line writing for Asian languages. Select the characters in your text, and then choose this command.


Set the typographic options for cells or paragraphs in Asian language files. To enable Asian language support, choose Language Settings - Languages in the Options dialog box, and then select the Enabled box in the Asian language support area. The Asian typography options are ignored in HTML documents.

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